Welcome onboard!

Hello and welcome! Thank you for your interest in participating in the KindWorks.AI Early Field Trials and for helping us to spread Kindness, improve human connections, and increase well-being worldwide.

You will be using our early Alpha Version. Since we have not officially launched our product yet, any content shared with you during this trial use is strictly private and confidential. Please note that by registering as a trial user you agree not to share about any aspects of the product, including its existence, its content or features in whole or in part with another person or legal entity, the press or on social media. This includes sharing neither verbally nor in writing, nor making screenshots nor videos of the product. You also agree not to use any knowledge you gain during the trial period about the product, its content and features for current or future business purposes of yourself, another person or legal entity. Please also note that you are receiving this invite because you are part of a trusted group of hand-selected trial users. This private invite is for you only, please do not share it with anyone else.

Please review and confirm your agreement in the check boxes at the end of the form of the following documents.