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How Kindness Measurably Improves Well-Being Across Cultures

Written by: Hailey Trier

At the beginning of the KindWorks.AI journey, our team wanted to build a service that was not only enjoyable to use but also aligned with current scientific findings linking Kindness with mental health benefits. Our goal was to create an engaging messaging experience that motivates users to take control of their well-being, and research strongly shows we are on the right path. Caring for the self and others, as well as reflecting on those Acts of Kindness, has been shown time and again to have measurable benefits to numerous aspects of well-being. 

By regularly planning and completing Acts of Kindness towards others and themselves, our users take advantage of well-established links between Kindness and positive health outcomes.  In fact, Dr Jeremy Howick, Director of the Oxford University Empathy Programme, has stated that ‘The easiest way to improve your mental health and that of those around you is to do something nice for someone else.’  In addition, Buchanan and Bardi [1] demonstrated through experiments that performing Acts of Kindness daily over as little as 10 days can significantly increase life satisfaction and improve mental health. Further, a recent meta-analysis of prosociality and well-being found that Kindness improved not just psychological functioning but also had secondary benefits to physical health such as increasing energy levels and exercise [2]. It is clear that there are many health and well-being benefits to be gained from cultivating Kindness in one’s daily life.

Moreover, our team was encouraged not just by the great number of scientific studies demonstrating the measurable benefits of Kindness, but also by the cultural diversity evident in this body of scientific literature. Research supporting the positive effects of Kindness on mental health and well-being comes from studies of adult populations in a number of culturally distinct countries as Japan [3], Australia [4], and Greece [5]. The scientific agreement across this diverse body has our team at KindWorks.AI convinced that we are building a product that will create vast benefits for the employees of every company – both for the individual and the company culture – regardless of where your company is on the globe.

By signing up to KindWorks.AI and starting their personal Kindness journey with us, users are taking advantage of a strong link between compassion and well-being that will improve satisfaction with their own life, themselves, and others around them in measurable ways.  On a company-wide scale, KindWorks.AI improves employee well-being in order to boost productivity as well as enhance company culture while reducing healthcare costs and employee turnover.  We are excited for new users to quickly start seeing the effects of Kindness in their own lives and in their workplace.


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