Being Kind Works.
Being Kind Works.

More motivation. Better connectivity. Improved well-being.

An enterprise platform to encourage & enable the intentional practice of kindness

Driving impact and results with companies across the world

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Drive results, motivation, and culture through Kindness. 

The problem

Declining engagement and connectivity is extremely costly for your business.

Woman Sitting Behind Frosted Glass Wall

No Sense of Connection

43% of people don’t feel connected at work1
Woman Drinking Coffee in Cafe

Lack of Motivation

79% of employees are not engaged at work2
Man with Hand on Forehead who is Sad

Resignation on the Mind

61% of employees are considering resigning3
Having a Difficult Conversation at Work

Cost of Replacement

It costs $50,000+ to replace an experienced employee4

Why Kindness?

Kindness is the most powerful tool that we have to work better, live better, and be better. Kindness solves foundational cultural challenges to future-proof your organization.




Practicing intentional Kindness enables people to feel more motivated, connected, and purposeful.

How do we Do it?

Meet Beni, your friendly AI agent sharing exercises to help you practice intentional Kindness.
Product demonstration showing exercise examples - Let a team member know that you have their back, arrange with a colleague to have recurring catch-ups, introduce yourself to a new colleague who recently joined.

Kindness in Action

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