KindWorks.AI is Improving Well-Being
Through Kindness and Technology

AI to enable easy Kindness habits 

Cutting-edge technology to customize suggestions for types of Acts of Kindness, frequency, timing, and other features

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Friendly Cloud-based AI Agent, Beni

Encouraging daily Acts of Kindness towards others, ourselves, and society

Grounded in Science 

Each Act of Kindness and conversation with Beni is carefully designed to have the biggest positive impact

Meet Beni

Beni encourages individuals to take daily Acts of Kindness
towards others, themselves, and society.  

Beni believes wholeheartedly in the goodness of humanity, believes any dream is possible, and is a friend to everyone.  A conversation with Beni always makes you smile.  Beni is both a knowledgeable confidant and an easy-going mentor.     
Available today with KindWorks.AI @ Work 
Coming soon for individual use and on additional channels 

What do we mean by Kindness?

To Treat Every Living Being with 


Committing to an authentic curiosity in understanding the feelings, ideas and perspectives of others and acting with compassion and respect and without bias in every interaction with others and ourselves. 

To Build Environments Based in 


Finding creative ways to help others and ourselves through a willingness to give something (help, support, listening, patience, resources, etc).

To Express 


Prioritizing and communicating genuine appreciation for others and ourselves by noticing the good and actively sharing it with others. 

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