Being Kind Works.

3 Questions on Kindness with Marcela Echeverri

How do you define Kindness?

I would define Kindness as the ability to be caring, mindful, and respectful of oneself and others. It is to remember that we are small pieces of a big world and that in order to thrive we need to work together from a place of compassion.

Why is Kindness important?

I see kindness as the core gear that brings joy to the world. A Kindness driven society has the potential to increase overall wellbeing, inclusion, equality, trust, and a sense of belonging.

What is the role of Kindness in the workplace?

A workplace that has Kindness as a driving force is a workplace where everyone can be both productive and satisfied by their role and relationships with their colleagues.



Marcela Echeverri, Executive Operations Analyst at KindWorks.AI

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