Being Kind Works.

3 Questions on Kindness with TJ Walker

How do you define Kindness?

I would define Kindness as the quality that enables a person to be caring, considerate, friendly, and empathetic.

Why is Kindness important?

Kindness is important because it’s one of the few skills/qualities that not only betters the individual but also betters the community that the person surrounds themselves with. It is impossible to be too kind because Kindness allows people to co-exist in enjoyable and thoughtful ways that promote happiness and forgiveness.

What is the role of Kindness in the workplace?

Kindness affects all aspects of the workspace. It motivates employees to complete their work at the highest degree. It enables empathetic and considerate collaboration. It encourages acknowledgement and celebration. There is nothing more effective than a connected, happy, KIND workplace.



TJ Walker, Senior Software Engineer at KindWorks.AI

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