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Press Release: Introducing Beni

For Immediate Release: August, 2023

Revolutionizing Work Culture: KindWorks.AI Unveils ‘Beni’, an AI-driven Agent Empowering Purpose, Well-being, and Job Satisfaction through Kindness.

‘Beni’ connects through popular enterprise communication tools and has been shown to increase feelings of appreciation by 177% and feelings of making an impact by 63%.

Vancouver, Canada, August, 2023: KindWorks.AI today announces a new enterprise platform with a Kindness AI Agent ‘Beni’. Beni encourages the practice of Kindness through Kindness exercises grounded in science to strengthen company cultures and improve employee connectivity, motivation, and purpose. Beni integrates with popular communication tools like Slack, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Teams to easily integrate into current work processes and share Kindness suggestions personalized to the individual through AI.

“Fitness, meditation, & mindfulness have made a dent in corporate well-being. Kindness is the next wave to improve employee well-being, emotional health, and performance.

– Daniel Lozano, Founder & CEO.

In a post-Covid world, companies have to work harder to create a unified sense of culture and keep a motivated workforce. Many teams have never met in person, work across time-zones, and are confronting zoom-fatigue. An increasingly disgruntled workforce is clear in the research: in 2023, 77% of employees report being unengaged and employees are less loyal than ever before, with more than half expressing intent to leave their job1 The bottom line cost for businesses is huge. The average cost to replace an experienced employee is upwards of $50,0002 and Gallup estimates an $8.8 trillion global productivity loss from unengaged workers.1

Why is Kindness the answer to a thriving workplace?

  • Foster appreciation and connectivity in the workplace. Beni’s library of hundreds of Kindness exercises has proven to boost people’s feelings of appreciation and connectivity. People using Beni self-reported a 177% increase in feeling of appreciation and a 255% increase in feelings of connectedness over 12 weeks. When people experience a genuine sense of appreciation in their professional environment, they are more productive and more likely to stay longer.3
  • Develop a sense of belonging and purpose. When employees feel like their work matters, they stay longer and work harder.4 This is also reflected in hiring trends: 74% of Gen Z rank purpose more important than pay.5 Beni’s Kindness exercises have been effective in boosting employee feelings of making an impact by 63% over 3 months.
  • Create a culture of trust and high-performing teams. A culture of trust is critical to highperforming organizations. Practicing Kindness is proven to be one of the best ways to demonstrate trustworthy behavior.6 Employees who have a sense of trust are 260% more motivated, have 41% lower rates of absenteeism, and are 50% more likely to be satisfied in their current job.7

Leaders and employees love Beni and talk about the impact. As one consultant at a top global consulting firm said, “Beni has helped my team feel more connected. [Beni] brings a personal aspect 2 to meetings that would otherwise be transactional.” Another senior partner describes the results their office has seen: ‘[Beni] makes a difference in our day-to-day. It makes us have a better time, we learn faster, and we become more productive. We even get better at our job in a sustainable way for all.”

About KindWorks.AI

KindWorks.AI mission is to encourage and enable Kindness habits for billions. The KindWorks.AI platform encourages and enables Kindness habits by delivering nudges, exercises, and content grounded in behavioral science and the scientifically proven benefits of Kindness. The enterprise platform has an AI agent (‘Beni’) that connects through communication tools like Slack, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Teams to seamlessly integrate into the ways people already work and communicate. In addition to the AI agent, KindWorks.AI has a robust metrics and reporting system to observe sentiment and morale trends in real time.

KindWorks.AI is steadfastly committed to its values and grounds every action and decision in its foundation of Kindness and Trust. Founders Daniel Lozano (CEO) and Tim Seabrook (CTO) are leaders of the Oxford AI Society and are passionate about building AI that benefits humanity and protects data and individual rights.

Visit KindWorks.AI to learn more.

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