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Press Release: Oversubscribed Pre-Seed Round


For Immediate Release: October, 2023

KindWorks.AI Oversubscribes Pre-Seed Funding to Bring a Revolution to Workplace Culture Using the Proven Power of Kindness

The KindWorks.AI agent, ‘Beni’, connects through places like Slack and Microsoft Teams to bring the intentional practice of Kindness to the workplace and drive connectivity, affiliation, and wellbeing for individuals, teams, and offices.

Vancouver, Canada, October 2023 – KindWorks.AI announces that it has closed an oversubscribed pre-seed round of over $1.5M USD. The KindWorks platform encourages and enables the practice of Kindness to increase connectivity, wellbeing, and results. The platform is powered by AI and behavioral science to bring personal Kindness exercises to individuals to drive results for businesses and for people. Daniel Lozano, KindWorks.AI CEO, states that “Our goal at KindWorks is to bring the scientifically proven power of Kindness to billions of people. We have seen the incredible impact with our customers where they report increases in feelings of purpose and connectivity. I feel a calling and that I’m doing more than growing a business; I am on a mission to bring this to as many people as possible because the world desperately needs KindWorks.”

With a fully remote and globally dispersed team, KindWorks.AI is defining how to build a strong, cohesive, and motivated culture. They have proven that a culture of Kindness is the key to maintaining high morale in the future of work where people are hybrid or remote, where employees are less loyal, and where change is constant. Their AI agent, ‘Beni’ shares Kindness exercises across 8 elements of Kindness (Sincerity, Gratitude, Giving, Empathy, Connecting, Recognition, Compassion, Listening). Beni encourages people to work their Kindness muscle regularly and develop habits that prove results for individuals, teams, and companies.

The progress and impact of the KindWorks platform has attracted industry leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds and geographies, all of whom share the KindWorks values and who are passionate about solving for the crisis of human connectivity and sense of purpose. Investors include a broad range of private angels and VCs including Yu-Ting Kuo, MIT professor and former Corporate VP at Microsoft, Reed McBride, VP of Business Development at Carta, Satyajeet Salgar, Director of Product Management at YouTube, Arti Shah, VP of Investments at Gala Capital Partners, and a multitude of other successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

“It’s exciting to hear the stories and see the data showing how the intentional practice of Kindness has positively transformed people’s experiences and increased morale and connectivity of workplaces,” said Hernando Bunuan, a KindWorks investor and Founder & Managing Partner of Z2Sixty Ventures, an early-stage VC that supports visionary founders who are striving to build a smarter, more sustainable, and more equitable society. “The KindWorks.AI platform is proving impact and results at some of the most high-performing and recognized enterprise customers including two leading global consulting firms and a global bank. I’m looking forward to supporting Daniel and Nicole and the team as they build the future and bring the positive results of Kindness to billions.”

The KindWorks.AI platform partners with enterprise companies across all industries who are looking to drive connection, purpose, and results by building an engaged and motivated workforce. Companies often start with KindWorks during pivotal moments such as transformation, growth, or disengagement. KindWorks becomes an integral element of driving and maintaining their culture as these companies see the huge positive impact that a culture of Kindness has on the organization. As Jill Scalamandre, Beekman 1802 CEO, shares, “Our initial results of our partnership with KindWorks.AI are extremely promising. Over 70% of our team has interacted with the tool, and we’ve completed hundreds of acts of kindness across the company. We are excited to share the long-term impact of kindness through our partnership.”

“We have seen a glimpse of the transformational power of the intentional practice of Kindness for people and for businesses and we’re just getting started,” said Nicole Yelsey, KindWorks.AI Co-Founder and COO. “Leaders and people of all backgrounds are recognizing that people are what make any business thrive. They are understanding that the practice of Kindness will underlie the future success for both people and businesses.”

About KindWorks.AI

KindWorks.AI mission is to encourage and enable Kindness habits for billions. The KindWorks.AI platform encourages and enables Kindness habits by delivering nudges, exercises, and content grounded in behavioral science and the scientifically proven benefits of Kindness. The enterprise platform has an AI agent (‘Beni’) that connects through communication tools like Slack, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Teams to seamlessly integrate into the ways people already work and communicate. In addition to the AI agent, KindWorks.AI has a robust metrics and reporting system to observe sentiment and morale trends in real time. KindWorks.AI is steadfastly committed to its values and grounds every action and decision in its foundation of Kindness and Trust. Founders Daniel Lozano (CEO) and Tim Seabrook (CTO) are leaders of the Oxford AI Society and are passionate about building AI that benefits humanity and protects data and individual rights.

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