Being Kind Works.


A platform to drive workplace results through intentional Kindness.

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Meet Beni

Your virtual agent leveraging the power of AI and Behavioral Science to deliver Kindness exercises designed to enhance well-being and productivity.

Exercise example - Check in with a colleague on a different team and ask how their week is going. 12 week streak badge, kickstart Kindess badge.

Beni is Your Guide to:

Beni delivers simple yet effective Kindness exercises, enhancing well-being and productivity seamlessly through Slack, WhatsApp or MS Teams.

Beni learns from each user’s past behaviors, discerning their preferences and interests to offer challenges that resonate most, precisely at the times when they are most likely to engage with them. Beni offers thousands of exercises organized to be flexible to solve for a variety of workplace challenges, structures, and goals.

The Kind Community is a shared channel where friends of Beni can connect with each other in new ways, share recognition, improve themselves through Kindness, and have fun together. 

Future-proof your organization with KindWorks.AI

Measuring Success

Our metrics provide a real-time pulse check of morale and culture across the organization.

Single sprouted plan starting to grow
Short Term

Product Engagement

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Active Users
  • Stickiness
  • User Feedback
  • Feature Usage
  • Kindness Exercise Ratings
Buildings being built and plants growing
Medium Term

Employee Benefits

  • Purpose & Impact
  • Well-Being & Happiness 
  • Life Satisfaction
  • Interpersonal Connectivity
  • Ability to Decompress
  • Job Satisfaction
Buildings getting larger and business growing
Long Term

Company Benefits

  • Improved Talent Pipeline
  • Increased Productivity
  • Decreased Employee Turnover Rates
  • Better Business Results
Exercise - Cheer up a colleague who had a rough day
Woman speaking enthusiastically to colleague at desk

Custom Content and Support

We will support your team by sharing Kindness education throughout the implementation process in preparation for the launch, during the launch, and through execution.

We help your team understand:

Want to see more? Check out this two minute overview and see KindWorks in action.

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Let’s stay in touch. We’ll share updates along our shared journey to enable and encourage Kindness for everyone.